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Have you or a loved one been harmed by someone else’s pet? Attorney Moses Yneges at The Accident Injury Law Center can help you file your dog bite claim.

Dogs and other domesticated animals are a valuable part of every community, but bites and other attacks can happen. By drilling down to the details of your case, Mr. Yneges can help you pursue maximum compensation for the injuries you sustained. If you have been hurt by a dog, call Mr. Yneges at TAILC in Orange County for a free consultation.

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A Dog Bit You? Who is Responsible?

After a dog bite injury, you may have many questions. Who is responsible, and what are your legal options? In the state of California, the law provides clear distinctions concerning these types of incidents. For dog attacks and bites, the dog owner could be held liable for the injuries you sustained. If the dog was in someone else’s possession at the time of the attack, there are other ways we can hold the responsible parties accountable for the dog’s actions.

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In many cases, dog bites happen on the owner’s premises, which means that action should be taken to recover relief from the dog owner’s homeowners insurance provider. No matter the circumstances of the bite or attack, get in touch with experienced personal injury attorney, Moses Yneges. He has experience with all types of Orange County area dog bites and looks forward to helping you.

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