Yneges Law Accepts Referrals from Other Lawyers Licensed to Practice Law 

Attorney referral Moses Yneges at Yneges Law greatly appreciates referrals from other attorneys. He pays referral fees to attorneys with an active state bar license. The amount of the referral fee depends on the type of case referred.



Attorney Referrals from Other Lawyers in Orange County

Mr. Yneges has received many referrals from lawyers who do not practice personal injury, lemon law, or family law. We never take this responsibility lightly. We are proud to honor the family members, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances of other attorneys by providing them the same excellent service that we provide to all our clients.

If you are an attorney and wish to speak to Mr. Yneges about a potential referral, please call (714) 591-0661 to speak with him personally about the possible referral.


If you are an attorney, we welcome your referrals.

Call: (714) 591-0661