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When you have been injured in a bicycle accident, we offer guidance from a skilled and compassionate personal injury lawyer. As a law office that serves the greater Orange County area, personal injury attorney Moses Yneges sees many clients because of bicycle accidents. Incidentally, California has some of the highest bicycle accident statistics from coast to coast. With our warm climate, bicycling has become a popular, healthy, and environmentally friendly option for travel. Unfortunately, mixing bicyclists and motorist traffic doesn’t always go as planned. Bicyclists are constantly put at significant risk due to motorist errors, which means that grievous errors can and do occur.

Moses Yneges at The Accident Injury Law Center is committed to making sure your voice is heard and that the gravity of your pain and suffering receives recognition under the law. It is our mission to provide you with zealous and compassionate representation, along with advocacy that ensures you are given every consideration in pursuit of the compensation you deserve. Call today for a free consultation and get the high-caliber level of service you deserve.

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Bicycle Accidents Caused by Motorist Negligence

Even though we see bicyclists on the road every day, some drivers are still not completely acclimated to driving in the same vicinity. This lack of care or mistreatment of bicyclists can cause drivers to take actions that can marginalize bicyclists’ safety while putting other travelers at undue risk.

Common Reasons for Motorist Negligence in Bicycle Accidents

  • Going too fast
  • Texting or otherwise distracted driving
  • No signal before a turn
  • Not using a signal when changing lanes
  • Failing to look for bicycle riders at intersections
  • Drifting into bike lanes
Bicycle Accident Attorney in Orange County, CA

For these and many other reasons, bicyclists remain vulnerable on the road. The very act of riding a bike could expose these riders to devastating impacts if a crash occurs.

Bicycle Accident Attorney in Orange County, CA

If you are a bicyclist who was involved in an accident with a motorist, and you suffered an injury, Moses Yneges at TAILC would like to talk to you. He can stand by your side to help you address the burdens you endured as a result of your injuries.

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