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Stay Clear of Speeding Vehicles

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We have all seen the people who drive like they are in a race car and nearly cause an accident right in front of you. Eventually, people that like to drive fast will crash into another vehicle and someone will get injured. Driving fast is dangerous and doesn’t get anyone anywhere much quicker than if they justdrove the speed limit.Speed limits are in place for a reason. They keep the roadways safe. If we all drive the speed limit, we are more likely to have the necessary time to react to a bad situation, such as a dog running out into [...]

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The reason I decided to write this blog is because I read a headline today stating that a major auto manufacture is recalling thousands of hybrid vehicles due to the risk of fire. The risk involved the engine catching on fire even when the vehicles were not running. This indicates that such a fire can occur when the vehicle is parked in the garage, and no one is around the vehicle to put the fire out right away. If you have an electric or hybrid vehicle, be vigilant regarding the possibility of a fire. The last thing you want is [...]



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On July 5, 2022, a 73-year old bicyclist, Dac Them Kieu, died after a collision with a pickup truck in Fountain Valley, California. Unlike vehicle versus vehicle accidents, vehicle versus bicycle accidents often cause serious injuries or death. Everyone must do their best to respect everyone on the roadway. Bicyclists can be difficult to see or hear, because of their small size (in comparison to a motor vehicle), their slow speed (relative to a motor vehicle), and their lack of sound. Both bicyclists and vehicle drivers must be extra careful when traveling near each other. Any type of mistake can [...]


Report Your Auto Accident to Authorities Immediately | Orange County,CA

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Do not rely on the other person involved in the accident to accept liability for causing the accident after you both leave the scene of the accident. Many times, someone who admitted fault verbally will change their mind and will decide that they are not going to continue to admit fault. For this reason, it’s always best to call the CHP, if the accident occurred on the freeway, or the local police department, if the accident did not happen on the freeway. Reporting an accident is mandatory, within 24 hours, pursuant to California Vehicle Code Section 20008, if the accident [...]

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Orange County Pedestrian Accident Lawyer and How to Claim

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The purpose of having crosswalks is to provide safe passage to pedestrians. Yet, the number of crosswalk pedestrian accidents is high. While pedestrians have the right way to cross the road at the marked crossing, it is also important for them to know when they should be in the crosswalk and when they should not be. However, getting injured in a crosswalk due to the negligence of the driver is a harsh reality. If you were hit or injured in a crosswalk, it is crucial to remain well-informed of your legal rights. You should be well-prepared to file a pedestrian [...]

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Car Insurance Claim Lawyer & Accident Issues

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Regardless of all the driving rules, car accidents continue to happen every year. This is because everyone is not a skilled driver. You may be involved in a car accident while you are not at fault yourself. All car accidents are not of the same nature. Many times, an accident occurs when a car driver crashes into a stopped car or poles. Whatever may be the reason, such accidents can put your life in grave danger with long-term consequences. That is why you should make sure you have a car insurance policy to bear the financial burden created due to auto [...]

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Cycling Injury Claims

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While riding a bicycle on the road, the cyclist is exposed to the possibility of being hit by a car, van, or other vehicle. Unlike driving in a car, a bicyclist does not have much protection around them at the time of a collision. This often results in a bicyclist being thrown off their bike and onto the roadway. Vehicle versus bicycle collisions can result in grave injuries, which can be life-threatening. Injuries from a bicycle accident can often affect the injured bicyclist for the rest of their life. It is not just a collision with a vehicle that can injure [...]

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What You Should Do After a Bus Accident in Orange County CA

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  Buses are a convenient means of local travel. Thousands of buses are on roads every day across the United States, helping people commute, take a city tour and travel from one place to another for various purposes. Though it is safe to travel in buses, accidents can happen due to reckless driving. If you are involved in a bus accident, the injuries sustained can be severe. A bus is a large vehicle with lots of passengers and the driver has to try to stay on schedule for stops. This causes the driver to do things like drive too fast, take [...]

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Have You Been Attacked by a Dog? Here’s What You Need to Do!

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What to Do After You Have Been Attacked by a Dog Being attacked by a dog can cause a lot of distress. Dog bites don’t just cause physical pain, but they also create emotional pain. People dread being attacked and bitten by a dog. Injuries from a dog attack can range from mild to severe, and sometimes attacks can result in lifelong disfigurement. But what are you going to do if you or a family member has been attacked by a dog? In the event of a dog bite, you may need weeks or even months to heal from the injuries. [...]

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Have You Been Sexually Abused by a Person of Authority?

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Abuse of Power and Sexual Assaults There are thousands of instances where a person holding a powerful position engages in sexual assault or abuse. The person could be a workplace superior, doctor, teacher, coach, priest, etc. Perpetrators who abuse power to sexually harass or assault victims can be anyone. Though sexual assaults are so named, they are not about sex or love between two people. They are about using sex to exert authority or dominance. That is why a large number of sexual assault cases involve the violation of power by people of power and authority. Since such people are known [...]

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